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Saved This Homeowner 89% on Flood Insurance

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

The Buyer of this duplex in Aptos, CA received a flood insurance quote from the FEMA/NFIP program at $4,301 per year. This duplex is in a high flood risk zone A. We provided a quote of $462 per year from one of our private flood insurance carriers. This is an 89% cost savings for this very happy Buyer. It is unusual to see a 89% savings. It is more common to see 60% or more in savings.

Please note there is no waiting period for purchase transactions and no elevation certification is required for a private flood policy. Contact us today if you are in a high flood risk area zone A or zone V and we may be able to save you 60% or more off of your flood costs vs FEMA/NFIP.


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