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Why pay $2,000 a year or more with government, FEMA/NFIP flood insurance? Pay less with private flood insurance. Save up to 70% or more with private flood. This home has a quote of $388 for private flood insurance. Over ten years this can be a savings of $30,000 or more.

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Flood insurance for homes in Special Flood Hazard Area zone A or V by is typically quite costly with FEMA/NFIP. The potential to save big time on flood insurance costs is available through private flood insurance carriers. The Buyer for this home could save over 70% off their NFIP flood insurance policy. More options exists with private flood insurance policies such as loss coverage and higher dwelling coverages.

We saved a Gilroy homeowner over 90% on his flood insurance. The home is located in a SFHA (high flood risk) zone A. Our private flood carrier premium was $246 with superior coverage versus the government FEMA/NFIP flood insurance. We typically see savings up to 60% or more on flood insurance with our private carriers versus FEMA/NFIP flood policies in high flood risk zones A and V.

If you want to save money, contact us for a quote. It's a fast and easy process and no elevation certification is required with our private carriers.

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